Post 3

Time for a beauty product horror story: Around this time last year, I was eating poorly, not drinking water, and not sleeping enough for a variety of highly personal reasons that I will gladly share with you in the comments section below. You know how everybody’s best skincare tips involve eating well, drinking water, and sleeping enough? Mine too—because my skin got very angry at me for not doing those things. To cope, I would keep 20-minute moisturizing masks on overnight, mix a variety of dubious luminizers together, including Vaseline, in the dead of summer to achieve an artificial J-Lo glow. None of it worked. With every test and treatment, my skin got angrier.

A few months of this torture passed and my dermatologist diagnosed me with a spectacular combo of contact dermatitis and rosacea. Something had to give. This is when I decided to give up using beauty products entirely. I came up with what I like to call a skin vacation, ditching all of my skincare and most of my makeup and replacing them with ingredients I could buy at the grocery store.

Vlad Garza